World Conquest is an alternate history that starts in 2005, and leads into the future.

Present Day (2005-2025)


  • North Korea's announced possession of nuclear weaponry prompts many nations to condemn it's possession and possible manufacture of nuclear weaponry.
  • Syria continues their occupation of Lebanon.
  • Saddam Hussein continues his reign as the President of Iraq, prompting the United States to push further into the region.
  • Chancellor Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schröder is able to win another term as Chancellor in Germany. Protests begin to occur, with many sources seeing the election as possibly having been rigged.


  • Saddam Hussein commits suicide following the American troops closing in.


  • Syria annexes Lebanon, prompting world-wide condemning.


  • Following the protests in Germany, a division of Germany similar to the East and West Germany becomes a debated topic, with many citizens wanting to secede a state.
  • The Russian Election is won by Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov against the incumbent Vladimir Putin. This would be documented as the first large-scale return to communism in Russia following the abolition of the USSR in 1991.



  • Following the withdrawal of the United States from Iraq, insurgency groups in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria begin to appear.
  • Following the execution of Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, the Saudi Arabian Civil War begins.
  • Suicide Bombers (Possibly linked to the Islamic State) attack Great Britain's Windsor Castle, resulting in the death of 23 and the injuring of 53. Among the death's reported, Elizabeth II is found to be one of them.
  • Charles, Prince of Wales, takes the mantle as the King of the United Kingdom following the death of Elizabeth II.
  • Hillary Clinton is sworn into office, after winning against Donald Trump in the United States Presidential Election.


  • After small riots and protests, involving the failed coup d'etat against Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Australia leaves the Commonwealth.


  • Kurdistan is established as a seceded state from Turkey.
  • Australia is reformed into a federal presidential republic, with the first presidential election taking place.


  • Lebanese riots begin to occur in Syria.

Era of Change (2026-2070)


  • With increasing tensions between the Baltic States and the FRSR, the Baltic States conjoin into the Baltic Confederation.


  • Germany, after a small and brief civil war, is divided into West and East Germany. West Germany remains relatively the same, while East Germany holds it's own election following the split.
  • Baldur Schoenherr of the Socialist Unity Party wins the East Germany Election. The Federation of Russian Socialist Republics are being inspected for allegedly rigging the election in East Germany.


  • Tibet secedes from the People's Republic of China after holding a referendum. 

The Feudal Revolution (2071-2080)

The Progressive Period (2081-2105)

World War III (2106-2135)