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This timeline is an alternate history that goes through the past and into the future. Change is necessary, so does that mean changing history is necessary where possible? What if the Soviet Union still existed? What if Bashar Al-Assad fired nuclear weapons at Tel Aviv? This timeline goes through scenarios similar to this.

Timeline (100,000 B.C. To 0 A.D.)

2,000 A.D.

  • Peoples of Asia arrive in Australia, commiting Genocide and driving the natives out of their homelands.

Timeline (1200 A.D. To 1800 A.D.)





  • The Kingdom of Portugal by-chance discovers the continent of Australia, leading to a Scramble for the Southern Land between 1520 and 1680.
  • The news reaches Manuel I, and he orders an expedition of the "island" and if viable, to establish a colony.


  • The colony of Santa Marina is established on the continent, the first of many to come. Its capital city bears the same name.




  • Dutch Explorers, allied with English Explorers, establish the colonies of Niew Holland, Willemsland and New Wales respectively. The capital of Niew Holland is Jansztad, while the the capital of Willemsland is Nieuw Amsterdam, with Essex serving as the capital of New Wales.